Saving lives through cancer education & early detection


The orange represents the the size of the mass detected at the time of screening if a woman is not insured or under insured.

The raspberry represents the the size of the mass detected at the time of screening if a woman is insured.

Yes, size does matter to the uninsured/underinsured, this story is life or death.

To start your fight with a mass the size of an orange is beginning a higher stakes gamble than a patient this is beginning her fight to be cured with the mass the size of a raspberry. What journey would you choose?


“J” … is the face of the uninsured patient. She is the face of Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona.

Screened through our program and told that she has a mass, she came to the center, not insured, already knowing there was something different with her breasts. She held off on getting checked due to life events and the cost. She will meet with a surgeon to determine the next steps.


“S”... she is the insured patient that found a mass.

She knows she is a high risk and goes for a mammogram every six months. She felt the mass that was undetectable by the 2D mammogram, but her insurance, because she is high risk, covered the 3D mammogram. With the
3D mammogram they detected a mass that ended up being high grade ductal carcinoma. Today and five months removed from biopsy she has had bilateral mastectomy of both breasts and reconstruction.

Today, our screening needs surpass our funding.

Help us help men and women become educated, obtain early detection and hasten the way to recovery, by making this cancer journey just a quick detour in this thing called life. Providing more screenings allows more patients back on the path again to enjoy their journey with families and loved ones.


With your donation you contribute to saving a life by helping to pay for the cost of an entire screening. How can we count on you to help offset this cost? We are grateful for what you can contribute to help us help those that cannot pay for a screening that could save their life.

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