Cathedral Health Services is a nonprofit preventative health screening organization providing free monthly health screening clinics within our community.  Each month, an all‐ volunteer medical staff offers well women’s and well men’s exams, pediatric care, vision screening, diabetes and cholesterol testing and education. We partnered with The Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona in January of 2012, and the Foundation has provided us with funding for over 80 free mammograms for our clinics.  The response from the women we serve has been overwhelming.  Nearly 50% of the women screened have never had a mammogram.   Those that had previously been screened only do on average every 5 to 7 years due to lack of funding.   Almost all of them are surprised and overwhelmed by the offer of these free services and the resources for follow up care should the need arise.  There are no words to describe the genuine and tearful gratefulness expressed by the women of our clinics. We are honored by this partnership with The Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona.

Diane Monteleone, Director, Cathedral Health Services