Linda Rainford Award – 2009 Recipient

Christine L. Faraci – founder of Breast Buds, Inc.

Christine Faraci’s diagnosis with StageII breast cancer was over 20 years ago, at the age of 28, when her sons were one, three and five years of age, and her bi-lateral diagnosis in 1992. She works to help others and their families cope, recover and move beyond the frightening and often daunting cancer diagnosis, providing compassionate and timely, complementary care, while stressing prevention through integrated health and wellness programs. A cancer support advocate dedicated to serving our Valley community, Top Docs 2001 featured her recovery through exercise and wellness services. She often volunteered, supporting and educating many through our cancer support organizations: Banner Health, Bosom Buddies, Wellness Community, and Sing 4 Life Breast Cancer Foundation of AZ. As an ACS volunteer speaker, she taught BSE and breast cancer awareness to high school girls. Concurrently, she provided services to the Arizona Institute for Breast Health as Patient Advocate for 5 years, empathetically providing on-call emotional support to every patient. Seeing the growing need for an organization dedicated solely to individualized education and support services throughout the diagnosis, treatment, recovery and healing continuum, in 2004, Christine founded Breast Buds, Inc.,, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to fill the gap. Within two years she personally provided over 2,000 services to people in crisis.