2009 Award Recipients: Belinda Barclay-White, MD and Coral Quiet, MD

Acting on that vision they co-Founded the Arizona Institute for Breast Health (AIBH) http://www.aibh.org more than ten years ago. AIBH, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was created to give women the opportunity to receive information and education about the best possible treatment for their breast cancer diagnosis, in a timely, caring manner. A consortium of medical professionals who have a deep and abiding commitment to raise the level of compassion and improve treatment outcomes, the Institute offers a comprehensive second opinion, completely free of charge.

Since both doctors remain on the cutting edge of breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment, everyone receives the best options available, giving each woman an individualized treatment strategy that best supports her health and recovery. Not only are they experts, but their hearts are dedicated to providing opinions in a compassionate and understanding manner; alleviating fear through education and kindness. Both of these doctors, pioneers in the Valley in comprehensive breast cancer care, have heavy patient loads through their private practices because of their respected reputations as experts in their fields, and because of their manner in treating their patients. AIBH is, in addition to their career dedication, which alone, is noteworthy. Dr. Quiet continues to research less invasive radio-therapies, and Dr. Barclay-White donates mammograms to underserved women.